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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if myself or my child is a good candidate for chiropractic care?

We understand how overwhelming it can be when trying something new! We want you to feel informed in your decision making in your healthcare. Fortunately, we offer complimentary health screenings with our doctors to see if we may be able to help you and/or your family member(s). Just email us at or call us at (406) 936-0209 to schedule your or your child's free health screening.

Is it safe for my infant or child to see the chiropractor?

Yes! Our doctors are specially trained to help your kiddos. They are also continuously furthering their education to learn how to best support populations of all ages including infants, kids, teenagers, adults, and the elderly.


Your child's brain grows more in the first 5 years of life than any other period of time. It is essential to get checked by a pediatric chiropractor to make sure that vertebral subluxation is not impacting your child's neurodevelopment (even if symptoms aren't present).


Our doctors received pediatric training in chiropractic school and student clinic. They are also actively training with two major pediatric chiropractic organizations, the ICPA and Pediatric Experience. We utilize gentle, specific techniques to adjust children.

Dr. Hailey can also help infants improve their latch when breast feeding as well as addressing torticollis and plagiocephaly (AKA "flat head syndrome") through spinal adjustments and cranial work. Infant chiropractic is gentle and requires only as much pressure as it takes to check the ripeness of a tomato!

How much does an initial exam cost & what can I expect for this initial visit?

Our initial chiropratic neurospinal analysis takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to  to complete. Upon completion, the doctor will use their clinical judgment to determine if x-ray imaging is necessary. Most insurance companies cover the cost of x-rays, but please check with your insurance company if you are unsure. Following the exam and any necessary x-rays, we will design a custom care plan just for you to help you reach your health & wellness goals.

Initial Exam - $130

- A full review of your intake form and health history highlights

- Reviewing your health & wellness goals, concerns, and struggles

- A comprehensive neurospinal exam including nervous system INSiGHT scans as well as postural analysis, range of motion, palpation, and any other pertinent testing

Do you take insurance?

Because traditional health insurance companies typically aren't supportive of preventative health services, we choose to be out of network providers. This means that we don't work directly with insurance companies. If your private health insurance plan offers chiropractic benefits, you can get reimbursed and we will provide you with a superbill for services rendered. Please request a superbill at the front desk or while you are scheduling your appointment. We cannot guarantee reimbursement VIA superbill. Please discuss your benefits with your health insurance company to gain clarity on what they will cover. 

In addition to superbills for reimbursement, we also offer affordable care plans and flexible payment options to ensure that every person and family can afford quality holistic chiropractic care. We offer very reasonable cash rates. Please give us a call to discuss further pricing details.

Can I use my FSA or HSA card to pay for care?

Yes! You may use your FSA or HSA to pay for all services offered at Glacier Family Chiropractic & Wellness. We are also able to provide receipts if needed.

Doesn't chiropractic care only help with pain?

Only going to the chiropractor when you are in pain is like skipping all of the oil changes, brake replacements, alignments, and new tires on your vehicle and only taking it to the mechanic when it is falling apart or isn't working. It's just not the best course of care for maintaining your vehicle. And this isn't the best way to maintain your body.

Although chiropractic care is a very effective, drug-free option for pain management, the benefits of chiropractic care go far beyond pain management! At Glacier Family Chiropractic & Wellness we are wellness and nervous system focused, meaning that we understand the role an optimally functioning nervous system that's resilient to stress plays on our overall health. We choose to approach healthcare in a preventative manner.


Because we approach things this way, we also stress the importance that lifestyle plays on our life-long health & well-being. Our doctors mentor our patients on all things healthy lifestyle including: nourishment/nutrition, exercise/movement, responsible supplementation, ergonomics/posture, sleep/rest/recovery, etc. We believe a true "holistic" lifestyle must address physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health.

Is chiropractic care safe for pregnancy?

Absolutely! We have specialized equipment and techniques in order to create ease and comfort for our pregnant practice members during all stages of pregnancy. Getting adjusted can create better birth outcomes, easier/ faster labors, and optimal positioning and nerve supply for baby as he/she grows and develops. Got pain? Chiropractic care can help prevent discomfort like sciatica and round ligament pain for mamas whose bodies are changing too!

Dr. Hailey is Webster Certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Assocation and has received additional perinatal training through BirthFit Education.

Will I have to go to a chiropractor for the rest of my life?

Our care should only be utilized for as long as it is serving you to become a better, healthier, and more well version of yourself. Typically, many patients do choose to stay with us for general well-being care because they like the way they feel and function following a chiropractic adjustment. We understand that maintaining an interference-free nervous system with optimal communication and connection is essential for health throughout all stages and ages of life!

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