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Our Technique and Approach - How We Do It

      Dr. Ryan Hyde and Dr. Hailey Axberg are nervous system focused, vitalistic chiropractors. Our doctors practice a mix of both manual (hands on) and instrument/low force adjustments. They are trained in several chiropractic techniques including Blair, Toggle, Webster, Diversified, Thompson, Logan, Gonstead, SacroOccipital Technique (SOT) and Activator.


     The adjustments and care we offer at Glacier Family Chiropractic & Wellness are individualized and vary depending on the unique individual, their age, their size, their preferences, etc. We can safely adjust patients of all age groups- adults, children, and even infants!


In addition to chiropractic adjustments, our doctors also guide our patients regarding a healthy lifestyle. Commonly discussed topics are nervous system regulationsleep, injury recovery and prevention, nutrition, mobility/movement/exercise practices, overall well-being, referrals to other appropriate health professionals, etc.

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